Project Linus Recipients

Burke County Hospice
Catawba Valley NeoNatal
Catawba Valley Pediatrics
Frye Regional
Catawba County Women's Shelter
Caldwell County Women's Shelter
Gingerbread House
Children & Family Services
Pregnancy Centers
Social Services, Burke Caldwell &           Catawba
Childrens Advocacy Center
                  Giving Love, One Quilt at at Time
Project Linus
2017 Recipients

Caldwell County Grief Camp - 29
Catawba County Children's Advocacy - 50
Catawba County DSS - 50
Children's Hope Alliance - 90
Catawba Valley Neo-Natal - 16
Catawba Valley Pediatrics - 15
Gingergread House Burke - 120
Gingerbread House McDowell - 60
Gingerbread House Toe River - 90
Hands Up For Youth - 10
Hickory Pregnancy Center - 15
Iredell County Chapter to start up - 74

619 to Date

In 2016

You managed to change the lives of 556 children!

Thank you for your love and dedicaton to our chapter.  Without our volunteeers, we would not exist;)

Thank you!