Favorite Patterns

You may use any pattern you have for Project Linus Quilts.  These are just suggestions to get you started!

Fleece Blankets:

For our area, we ask that you use one layer of fleece.  Most agencies we deliver to do not like the double layer fleece blankets.

Fringed fleece blanket:  https://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/pdf/FringedFleece.pdf

No Sew Fleece Pattern #1:  https://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/pdf/NoSewFB.pdf

No Sew Fleece Pattern #2:  https://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/pdf/NoSewFB2.pdf


Baby Bobbles Afghan:  http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/afghans.html

Colton's Baby Blanket:  http://www.barbscrochet.com/id303.html

Pink Shells Baby Afghan:  http://www.barbscrochet.com/pinkshellsbabyblanket.html



Happy Hearts Quilt:  https://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/pdf/hhblock.pdf

Quilt Patterns Through Time:  http://www.womenfolk.com/baby_quilts/

Cartwheels:  https://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/pdf/CartwheelsInstr.pdf