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Thank you for considering donating your time and talents to our chapter of Project Linus.  Below are a few guildelines to follow.

    * You can make scrappy quilts, themed quilts, or fancy quilts, we like them all:)  

    * You can top stitch by hand or machine, or simply hand tie the blankets for a nice "finish"!

    * Please do not use team specific fabrics, upholstery fabric, or polyester.  All fabrics used must be child friendly.  Please        do not use fabrics with glitter.

    * Blankets need to be at least 36" x 36".  Please do not turn in smaller blankets.  At this time we do not have any                      agencies that need blankets this small.

    * Quilts must have three layers, fleece may have one layer.

    * Please do not turn in blankets until they are completed.  

    * New idea for fleece - using a stitch blade, you can punch holes around the edge of fleece, then crochet around the edges.  Makes larger blankets than the tied fleece, it is quicker, and has less mess!

    * Fleece No Sew Blankets need to be one layer.  Keep ties to 3" or less.

Blanket Guidelines

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