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           Ways to Donate

                  You may donate items to our chapter.  They types of items needed are the following:

Fabric - Must be new fabric poly/cotton blend or 100% cotton.
* Monetary Donations
** Time & Talents
*Easiest way to make a monetary donation - click on the "DONATE" link at the top of this page.
* Make checks  out to Project Linus.  You can mail the donations to Angela Gouge, PO Box 413 Icard NC 28666.
* Click on the  link to a donor card :
The information you will need is our chapter name - Catawba Valley Chapter
Name of Coordinator - Angela Gouge
* You can also donate online.  Click on the link:
Fill in all of your information.  If you would like the donation to go to our chapter, please go to the bottom of the page and fill out the Chapter and Coordinator information.
** Time & Talents - You may also donate by using your time and talents to further our mission.  Don't sew?  That is okay.  There are multiple ways you can help our chapter.
So you can Sew? - Great!  Consider making a blanket for our Chapter!  


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